Maiden Kanadah

Take Charge Tea is a home business owned and operated by Bonnie-Jean Stacey with her husband and three children. She started in 2001 after more than a decade of learning, reading and practicing herbalism as a young career woman; then a mother and finally a trusted purveyor of fine teas and by day, a caregiver for other people's children. Most of the herbs are tried and true, and each of the unique flavours have been heavily researched and widely taste tested to achieve the perfect balance between health and flavour.

Presently, this busy family shares the work of vending at several farmers markets and local events while keeping a home that provides a stable and healthy environment for children to grow and learn. Take Charge Tea is available at exclusive and carefully chosen retail outlets by the bag and a few special cafes and restaurants by the cup or pot. Take Charge Tea has been gifted and carried around the globe to several different countries and we hope that our latest website garners internet sales from abroad as well.